Embracing the minimalist approachCurating your perfect capsule wardrobe is what we hope to achieve with Hearts Like Ours. Drawing inspiration from the minimalist styles of chic Japanese ladies, we set out to source for clothing that are perfect for the tropical weather, stylish to last the years and practical for the everyday women.

Giving Back - Hearts Like Ours is also supporting a group of young ladies in Thailand, Chiang Mai. 10% of the revenue goes back to these ladies, for upskilling and equipping them with the correct resources to make a living. 

Background - Having graduated with a degree in fashion design and marketing from the prestigious London College of Fashion, M now works in the fashion industry in Singapore where she is constantly surrounded by fashion trendsetters and is constantly inspired by the people she meets.

Sourced from all over the world, she hopes to bring in designs that will help build your capsule wardrobe but also interject a bit of fun into your individual style. 

Through Hearts Like Ours, she hopes that you will find pieces that resonate with you and styles that will remain in your wardrobe for a lifetime.